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Brazilian Fund for Missions

Every resource for everyone to be saved

R$ 50.000+ Invested

10+ Brazilian States

05+ Countries

20+ supported missionaries 

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What we do

Aware of the great challenges imposed to missionary actions in Brazil and in the world, we are an organization that mobilizes resources with the purpose of supporting the preaching of Lord Jesus' gospel in our country.

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Axes of Action

Emergency Relief and Missionary Care

Quick response to unforeseen problems in the missionary field.

Training of Pastors and Leaders

In-person or distance training, individual or collective, with the objective of developing workers.

Church Planting Project

Purchase of material, logistical support, constructions and renovations.

Investment in Missionary Projects

Acquisition of goods whose application is intended solely for missionary work.


"It's great to know that Brazil has awakened to contribute to missionary work."
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Missionary Maura


"There are still people who take care of God's work, social work, and who really understand what it is to do God's will."
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Rvd. Maria Lúcia

Natal-RN, Brazil

"May the Brazilian Fund for Missions continue to make these investments that are so important for the advancement of the Kingdom among the peoples."
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Missionary Tiago


Nossos Parceiros

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